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Year-Round Cabana Use

Good morning neighbors and Merry Christmas Eve Eve! A message from the board is below. They’ve heard our requests and now need our help. Please consider volunteering.

The board is ready to vote on enabling the use of the cabana/restrooms on a more year-round basis, which has been a community request, especially for children on the playground.
Before a vote takes place, we are asking for volunteers to assist with this effort.

Responsibilities could include assisting with the scheduling and coordination of cabana area events/rentals, assisting with clean-up, taking bins to the road for trash pick-up, and other related activities. *Our pool service provider has agreed to continue cleaning the restrooms during the off-season.*

If we are unable to get commitments from community members to assist, it is unlikely to be approved at this time and may be considered at a future date. The board is looking for at least six people to volunteer.

Please contact the board directly at

Thank you all!
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