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ARC Update Regarding Flags & Signs

The Copper Creek ARC met in regard to concerns that were sent in regarding flags and signs. The
written Protective Covenants for Copper Creek Subdivision discuss signs and flags in specific

Signs are mentioned in Article VI, Use and Restrictions and Rules, Section 6.4 (h) Signs, and Flags
are mentioned in Article VI, Use and Restrictions and Rules, Section 6.4 (z) Artificial Vegetation.
Exterior Sculpture, and Similar Items.

All homeowners are required to submit a request to the ARC for review prior to hanging flags and/or
signs in their yards or windows of their homes.

The request can be a “blanket” request. Examples: Wanting to hang seasonal flags, sports flags, or a
political flag during election time. They would also have a similar requirement for all decorative items
as well. Examples of this would be no football flags before the preseason or after the post season, no
Summer flags left out in the Fall, no Christmas signs in the Spring, etc. This would not apply to
decorations, like Christmas, Halloween, or other holiday decor. It just applies to signs or flags. 

They would require that all political signage be put out no earlier than a specific date ( TBD ) prior to
an election, and be taken down by a specific date following the election.

Once a request is submitted to the ARC they will then meet and vote in a timely manner to approve or
deny each request. The HOA fee would be waived for these requests. No request is needed for
American or State of South Carolina flags/signs.

We in no way are trying to prohibit anyone from expressing their opinions or beliefs just that they
follow the written Protective Covenants For Copper Creek Subdivision everyone signed when moving
into this neighborhood. Most requests will be approved and the ARC will in no way allow their
personal opinions sway their vote to approve or deny a request.
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