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  • Copper Creek Board of Directors


Neighbors – we are aware of the unfortunate events occurring at the pool these last few weeks. While we understand accidents do happen, the frequency in a short time frame is cause for concern. We, as a board, will be looking into all avenues possible to ensure the pool stays open for all neighbors to enjoy. Some of the solutions being considered include:
  • New electronic access utilizing key fobs

  • Video surveillance

  • Volunteers for member sign-in

Some solutions may require a Special Assessment be paid by the community. As a reminder, here are the updated pool rules. We’d like to draw special attention to the following rule that seems to be at the core of our current issue: “Swim diapers and proper clothing are required for infants and small children while in the pool.” When in doubt, put on a swim diaper. We sincerely trust this is accidental, and not deliberate. We do ask that if you or your child is responsible for this that you notify a Pool Committee Member, Board Member, or ACS immediately. Our intention is to do whatever we can to keep this from happening again and it will take a community effort to do so. Thank you for being wonderful neighbors and helping us keep our community a great place to live.
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