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November 2022 Community Meeting Recap

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

Hello neighbors! It was so great to have so many come together for the community meeting last night. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules! Below is a recap of the meeting as well as friendly reminders for anyone who might have missed it.

—New Board— Thank you to everyone who stepped up to volunteer to serve our community on the board. Votes were tabulated and our board for the coming year is…

  • President - Michelle Culley

  • VP - Jason Walters

  • Treasurer - Donna Evans

  • Secretary - Arnon Scheflan

  • Member at Large - Seth Lawson

—Announcements/Friendly Reminders— The board is going to look into better solutions for traffic control through the neighborhood. As homeowners, please remember to watch speed limits as there are kids out playing, people walking animals, folks getting their steps in. We want to have a safe place to live for all.

Please pick up after your pets when you are out on your walks. IF you happen to forget a bag, once you get home, please grab one and return to the scene and clean up after your furry friend.

As the holidays approach, we know there will be extra vehicles on the streets. Please remember that street parking should only be temporary and not a continuous thing. This again, helps with street safety for our neighbors and loved ones.

For more info please review the covenants linked below. This is a document that has been converted from PDF to a more searchable document to be used as a quick reference. Please excuse any exclusions, typos, or formatting errors. For the official document, please refer to your owner portal.

You can also stay up to date, meet the committees, and contact board on our community website: (This is volunteer managed so give us grace if things are a little out of date. )

Thanks for making this a great place to live! Copper Creek Board of Directors
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