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May 2023 Community Meeting Recap

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Updates/Friendly Reminders:
  • 2023 Pool Committee met and has finalized a schedule for routine pool chemical testing.

  • The pool opens on the 13th!! Keep an eye out for an email from CAMS with our pool rules and new code.

  • Clarity was out this week to clean and do final shock to ensure the pool is good to go for the 13th.

  • A vendor will be here this week to fix the leak in the men’s restroom.

  • Please remember to clean up after your animals and respect your neighbors.

  • The board is going to put in an ARC request for solar landscape lighting options at the mailboxes as this would be a more cost-effective solution.

Survey Results:
  • Thank you to everyone who completed the playground and trash surveys. The board reviewed responses and findings will be shared in a separate post and on the website.

  • The board took action on the feedback from the community in regard to the landscaping, or lack of landscaping in our common area. We contacted the current vendor, reviewed the contract, and we are working on a remedy. We stressed the importance of these items needing to be done as our pool is opening very soon.

  • The board would like to know if we have a few volunteers who would give their time to paint the entrance sign. No skill level required. We are looking to add a fresh coat to bring it back to life. If interested email the board at

  • Reserve studies are essential to ensuring the financial security of community associations and the board voted to move forward with one for Copper Creek. The board reviewed 3 proposals from vendors recommended by CAMS and made a selection. The contract was signed and the reserve study will be completed within 60 days. The reserve study will help us and future board members to financially plan for the future and help make better decisions as to where money will need to go. Read more about reserve studies here.

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