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July 2023 Community Meeting Recap

The Reserve Study has been completed. The study was completed by an outside vendor to determine when items in our community will need to be replaced or updated and the associated costs. This helps with future budget planning. You can access the Reserve Study report here:

The lost and found at the pool will be thrown away on the 2nd and 4th week of each month. Please make sure to clean up after yourselves while at the pool. We found pool noodles on the kiddie pool's mushroom, floats all over the place, and we even found 8 goggles one night. Please help keep the area clean while you are enjoying the facilities as well as before you leave. Thank you!

We are moving forward to fix our irrigation system so we can utilize it moving forward.

Thank you to everyone who completed the Solar Survey! We are keeping it open for two more weeks to gather additional results. If you have not completed the survey, please do so. We want your voice to be heard.

Annual meeting is potentially going to be November 6, 2023. Official date and time TBD.

Thank you!
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