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The Board has decided to have a selection committee to research and gather information for a new trash company, similar to the committee that was formed last year when a new HOA company was researched.

If you have had complaints about the trash situation, please consider volunteering. It should not be too time consuming, and you don't need any specific experience to help.

Helping on the committee will include researching which companies we can use and then contacting the companies to gather information such as pricing, frequency, if they do recycling and additional pricing on that, if they pick up extra bags, etc.

The committee will present the information gathered to the board on Tuesday April 4, and they will then vote. This committee is to help research and present the best options to the board.

PLEASE consider helping! Several members of the community have been frustrated with the current trash company (GLF, formerly Waste Management) and would like the committee to present the best options for change.

If interested in helping with this committee, please email Jessy Carlisle as soon as possible. Thank you!
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