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January 2023 Community Meeting Recap

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

Happy New Year to everyone in Copper Creek! We are excited about this coming year!! Last week we met for our January meeting and already covered a lot of ground and have the ball moving on several initiatives.

Additional Lighting: We are working with Duke to scope out adding a light post at our mailboxes as well as at bus stops (neighbor request). As soon as a technician reviews the neighborhood with us, we’ll update everyone.

Pool Area Enhancements: We have voted to move forward with wifi and cameras at our pool area! Should be completed soon.

2023 Pool Season: Who’s ready for warm weather!?!? This year’s pool season will be May 13 - Sept 10.

Volunteers Needed: We still need a few more people to volunteer for an “off season” pool committee. We’d love to be able to offer use of the cabana area in the off season but cannot do so at this time without a full committee to assist in ensuring the area is kept clean and tidy.

Neighborhood Traffic: The board has submitted applications to the county for the traffic solutions needed in certain areas. We will let everyone know the outcome and next steps once we hear from the county.

Playground Enhancements: We want swings!! We have requested that CAMS contact a contractor to come meet with us to go over what options we may have for more baby/toddler friendly options.

Events: Our social committee is meeting soon so look for our projected 2023 events to be available soon on our website!

Lastly, just a friendly reminder. We have opened our meetings up for the community to sit in on. You will be able to view our meeting schedule on both the CAMS portal and soon to be on our Website all year. So if you are curious how our meetings are ran, have a little something you would like to personally bring to the board, or just want to say “hello” you know where we will be.

Thank you!
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