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February 2023 Community Meeting Recap

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Social Committee 2023 Approved Events
  • Valentines Hugging

  • Egg Hunts

  • Spring Market

  • Garage Sale

  • Mother’s Day

  • June Ice Cream

  • Father’s Day

  • 4th of July

  • August Ice cream

  • Halloween Booing

  • Pumpkin Carving tentative

  • Chili Cook-off

  • Hot Cocoa Stations

Board voted for a change of sand, Clarity advised sand needs to be changed in filters in order to keep things operating smoothly and repair a leak.

CAMS provided contractor information so we will be in contact soon to schedule a quote to see about adding more baby/toddler-friendly items in the playground.

County advised 4-6 weeks before they will have reviewed our applications for proposed traffic solutions. We hope to have feedback by the end of February.

Aiming for March meeting for pool committee recruitment.

Friendly reminder -- yearly assessments were due January 15th, and as of February 15th they will be considered late. If anyone needs assistance in accessing their portal please feel free to reach out and we can assist.

PSA - Please use the traffic circle correctly.

Habitual street parking is a safety issue and is unsightly. Please park in designated parking spots (garage, driveway) when possible. Temporary overflow parking is permitted at the pool parking lot. All temporary overnight parking at the pool parking lot must have board approval. Please send a request through the CAMS portal.

Pricing for streetlights at the community mailboxes and bus stops is being gathered and will be considered.

The board is gathering additional waste services quotes for community trash services. Currently, GFL is the approved provider and they have submitted a quote.

If you are a service provider and would like to be listed within a directory on the community website, please send us an email at

Thank you!
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