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April 2023 Community Meeting Recap

Happy Spring!

ACTION NEEDED: Please go to the CAMS Portal and update your communication preferences. You can receive communication via email or paper. Make your selection under ‘My Contact Info’ on your profile.


🚮 Trash committee presented the information and bids they collected last night. More details to come.

🏊 Pool Committee meeting April 30th at 2:00pm. All are welcome to come to the pool and become part of the committee.

💡 Motion has been made to have the ARC review a solar light installation at the mailboxes.

⛔ Two dozen private property signs have been purchased to be installed behind Bromley and Pilger.

🔧 Pond maintenance for both our retention ponds has been approved.

🚸 Board voted to install 3 traffic signs at the entrances of the roundabout.

ℹ️ Board has approved a Community Road Committee to analyze parking, overflow, and the roundabout. Email the board with your interest.

❓ Community playground survey to be emailed out to Cooper Creek to understand interests in new playground equipment.

Thank you!
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